About Chris Giles

Chris is a veteran entrepreneur and sales expert. Having built, grown and sold multiple multi-million dollar companies, he is available to work with strong business leaders to leverage employees to create success and opportunities. Using his leadership skills, Chris can share how to draw results from employees, developing their skills for both their professional and personal lives.


Chris works with your team to develop sales and communication tactics to improve revenue. Focusing on results, Chris shares the lessons he's learned and the simple tactics that make him successful.

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Public Speaker

Chris has built his career on communication and his ability to captivate and relate with groups on a large scale. Having led conferences, charitable events and private talks, Chris inspires action in individuals.

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Business Developer

Chris works in, with and for businesses on a consultative basis to develop their process and strategy. Helping take businesses to the next level is where Chris excels.

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Life Story


Family Businesses

Chris' entrepreneurial journey started when he was working in his family's business from a young age. Through these years, and watching the efforts of his parents, Chris was taught the value of work ethic and fighting through problems. This experience made Chris keenly aware of his drive to one day run his own business and craft reality from his vision. For Chris, this was no alternative to his future life – he was born an entrepreneur.


Fencing and Deck Business

Like most entrepreneurs, Chris was a self-starter, supporting his education at the University of Western Ontario In London, Ontario by creating his own successful fencing and deck businesses. He realized the value of learning from others and after graduation worked in the corporate environment, gaining an understanding of successful business management processes and practises.


Yellow Freight

His last large corporate experience was with the one of the largest transportation service providers on the Fortune 500, Yellow Freight Systems, YRC Worldwide Inc, starting as a successful sales representative and quickly being promoted to General Sales Manager for Canada.


Connect Logistics & Dynamic Connections

Chris saw the opportunity in the logistics field to create his own business that could be more reactive and supportive to customer needs. He took his business knowledge and results focused energy and from there started up and subsequently sold 2 successful third party logistics companies.

During that time, Chris was an inspiration to people working with him. His energy, passion and vision built sales focused teams with above industry average top line growth, margins and profit.


MAD Movement

In addition to his business pursuits, Chris has an extremely generous spirit. He excels in helping and coaching others to be successful. In 2008, Chris founded the Make a Difference Movement believing that the world would be better if we took a moment to appreciate those who make a difference in our lives.


Developing Future

Chris is now available to assist other business owners with their success. With his proven track record in growing individuals and businesses people naturally seek him out to help them to innovate and build their future.

  • Solution Based Selling
  • Sale Supportive Branding
  • Brand Focussed Leadership
  • Results Above All Else
  • Helping the Customer to Buy

    Chris helps other to learn the solution based selling approach. He understands that to develop a customer for life, it is critical for the relationship to be a win-win for all parties. He lives by the simple belief that if you Make a Difference for your customer that you will gain a customer for life. Chris helps businesses create solutions to ensure that they assist in their customer’s continued growth.

    Solution based selling has been a pillar of Chris' success by allowing him to gain a vast understanding of the needs of different businesses. By educating his customers, and allowing them to educate him, Chris develops a strong understanding of the needs of others to provide solutions that meet those demands. Chris will show you how to adopt the vision of Making a Difference throughout your business to take your business to the next level.

  • Crafting Brands that Sell Themselves

    Creating a memorable brand is a key component to Chris' personal and professional success. With strong values, vision and culture, Chris has been successful in building businesses and their individuals. He understands that it is critical for companies to have a recognizable brand that encompasses their value add to the customer. The success of developing a memorable brand that sells itself has been fundamental to the development of Chris' companies.

    By creating synergy with the brand and company philosophy, the brand becomes a direct reflection of the company's competencies that create recognizable, memorable relationships. Let Chris show you how to instill a vision and culture in your organization that will grow your company’s effectiveness and results.

  • Strong Leadership to Fit the Situation

    Strong leadership is an essential component to Chris' success. His willingness to take charge at any moment, educating and developing others has been his focus to improve future success. Through his experience, he has recognized the impact a brand has on the leadership environment. By assuring the brand strictly aligns with the vision for the company and the needs of the customer, he can show you how to hire, train and sell based on the components of the brand.

    Chris believes it is imperative to leverage imagery to lead. For example, he will show you how branding your office will create an environment to ensure that your employees have a clear vision of what it takes to succeed. This strict relationship between brand, culture and leadership will ensure that your employees are successful for your business.

  • Measuring with Accountability

    Nothing matters if the results don’t follow. Top line results are the key to the success of a company. You can have a great product, but if you can’t get it out to the marketplace using effective sales and marketing techniques you will lose. Understanding this philosophy has driven Chris' efforts to focus on the use of technology to create measurable results that allow you to manage your businesses.

    By showing businesses how to implement these techniques, Chris can assist your team to create tools that allow you to build and manage your results driven businesses. By developing transparency and accountability throughout all areas of your business, Chris will show you how to create working environments that constantly measure results to drive success.

Keys to Success


Chris teaches individuals how to grow their skill set to be prepared for any business situation. By learning how to grow your ability through everyday interactions and relationships, Chris will assist you to build people and businesses to be versatile and dynamic.


Confidence in your ability to tackle any obstacles put in front of you is a philosophy that Chris can assist you to build within your employees. By understanding that problems are simply opportunities for success, Chris will assist you to builds individuals and businesses poised for victory.


Chris has built his personal and professional lifestyle through communication. By mastering the ability to add value to every interaction, Chris builds meaningful relationships through the art of communication. He can assist you to develop and use your communication skills to grow.